Prostate Cancer PCR Array Primer Libraries

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men. Prostate cancers range from a benign, indolent form to a very aggressive, metastatic type. Understanding the molecular basis for prostate cancer carcinogenesis and response to therapy is an important area of investigation. Currently, the biomarkers for prostate cancer, in particular, PSA (KLK3) are not adequate to accurately diagnose and predict outcome. Thus, new biomarkers are needed for prostate cancer. Some insight may be gained into the dysregulated pathways that are present in prostate cancer including the androgen receptor pathway, PI3K signaling, translocations involving androgen responsive promoter TMPRSS2, and loss of function of the prostate tumor suppressor NKX3-1. The Human Prostate Cancer PCR Primer Library contains primer sets that amplify genes that have been associated with prostate cancer carcinogenesis and also includes biomarkers associated with the disease. This primer library may be used to generate real time PCR arrays for the analysis of prostate cancer gene expression.